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November 2016 Archives

FINALLY! New York's Highest Court Recognizes the Rights of Non-Traditional Parents

Imagine if you will . . . a fairy tale love story

You meet the love of your life and within months, you buy a house together and move in. You decide not to marry because you can't, or because you don't want to, or because of whatever. After two years, you and your love decide to complete your family. You joyfully discuss your plans for your new baby, deciding that you will jointly share all child-rearing duties, responsibilities and expenses. Both of you are so happy and in love you can't even imagine anything could go wrong. Being responsible adults, you discuss your baby plans with your friends, families, and even a therapist. Your love becomes pregnant and nine months later your baby arrives and your family is complete. As planned, you take turns getting up at night when your baby cries; alternate missing work when your baby is sick; and pool your income to care for your baby.

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