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April 2017 Archives

When you can't agree on custody arrangements in Florida

When two parents must create a parenting plan for jointly raising a child together, the process can become quite draining. It is common for many parents to attempt to come to an agreement about custody but find that they are unable to do so. In cases like these, Florida law provides a process for determining a custody plan with the guidance of a court.

Engaged? Why You May Want A Prenup.

In 1960, the average age at which U.S. men and women married was 22 and 20 repsectively. Today, many people are delaying or foregoing marriage altogether. This seems to be especially true in New York City where first-time city dwellers are among the oldest in the country with the majority of them tying the knot between age 30 and 34.

How do you discuss a prenup with your soon-to-be spouse?

When two people are planning to get married, the last thing they probably want to think about is divorce. However, ignoring the possibility of divorce can be a costly mistake if you or your partner is bringing significant assets into a marriage. 

When a child resists spending time with the other parent

In divorces, and sometimes in child custody disputes, one parent may learn the child does not want to visit with the other parent (usually the non-custodial parent). This may happen because a child hasn't seen a parent for quite some time; something emotionally jarring occurred at the other parent's house and the child is fearful that it will happen again; or one parent is alienating the child from the other parent.

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