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When you can't agree on custody arrangements in Florida

When two parents must create a parenting plan for jointly raising a child together, the process can become quite draining. It is common for many parents to attempt to come to an agreement about custody but find that they are unable to do so. In cases like these, Florida law provides a process for determining a custody plan with the guidance of a court.

In the absence of an agreement of between you and your child's other parent, you will probably need to go before a judge to have your custody dispute resolved. In your custody hearing, the judge has the responsibility to determine the custody arrangement that will most benefit the child at the heart of the conflict. The court is bound to create a custody arrangement that addresses all of the child'd needs in the best way.

This may mean that the court examines factors such as each parent's daily demands his or her ability to meet the child's ongoing developmental and emotional needs. The court will also consider which parent has the best circumstances that allow him or her to nurture the child and encourage the other parent's continued involvement. It is also likely that the judge may consider the child's preferences or other relationships like friends, school, and family that one parent or the other could help remain constant.

Whatever your custody issue may be, it is always wise to approach a custody arrangement with the guidance of an experienced attorney. With professional, compassionate guidance, you can help ensure that you and your child's other parent can reach a fair, reasonable agreement that keeps the child first while protecting your rights.

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