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August 2017 Archives

When Financial Disparities Are A Factor In A Divorce

Within a marriage, spouses often take on and play different roles. From managing family finances and paying household bills to tending to a child’s school and medical appointments, when it comes to family-related matters, many spouses opt for a divide and conquer approach. In many cases, this includes which spouse plays the role of financial breadwinner.

How do I schedule time when my child is not with either parent?

There may be times when your child is neither with you nor your ex. During these times, your child could be visiting with grandparents, with other relatives, at school, at daycare or doing an extracurricular activity. In your parenting plan, you'll want to identify this time as "third-party time."

What should I consider when planning a teen's parenting schedule?

Every child has different needs according to the age of the child. For example, babies who are still receiving milk from their mothers will usually spend all of their time with the mother to begin with. As children grow up, though, their needs change. With teenagers, you'll want to consider the following information when planning a shared parenting schedule:

Child custody disputes and domestic violence in New York

Have you or your child been victimized by domestic violence? If the other parent of your child has been convicted of any kind of domestic violence, this information will be considered by a New York family law court when deciding your child custody case. Courts will seek to protect your child from becoming the victim of further domestic violence from the other parent.

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