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Child custody disputes and domestic violence in New York

Have you or your child been victimized by domestic violence? If the other parent of your child has been convicted of any kind of domestic violence, this information will be considered by a New York family law court when deciding your child custody case. Courts will seek to protect your child from becoming the victim of further domestic violence from the other parent.

It's important to remember that domestic violence can take a variety of forms. It could include acts of mental, emotional, economic, sexual or physical abuse. If a judge sees that your child is at risk of being abused in any of these ways, the judge may choose to strip the abusive parent of all child custody rights. However, it's possible for a judge to award visitation rights if the judge feels that the child will not be at risk of suffering further abuse. The judge might also award supervised visitation to ensure that the child is safe during the visits with the other parent.

Some victims of domestic violence could be at risk of suffering further abuse if the abuser discovers where he or she and their children live. Since court documents will have your address listed on them, you may want to take the extra precaution of requesting your address to be confidential.

A New York family law attorney can be very helpful to any victim of domestic violence who is facing a child custody dispute. We are available to protect your legal rights and help keep your family safe throughout your child custody proceedings.

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