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What should I consider when planning a teen's parenting schedule?

Every child has different needs according to the age of the child. For example, babies who are still receiving milk from their mothers will usually spend all of their time with the mother to begin with. As children grow up, though, their needs change. With teenagers, you'll want to consider the following information when planning a shared parenting schedule:

  • Teenagers, although they might be the size of adults, still need a lot of guidance and support, as well as parental oversight and nurturing. Involvement from both parents during the teenage years is extremely beneficial to a teen's development.
  • Teenagers also need to explore new things, develop relationships that aren't in their family, and get exposed to potentially new interests. As your teen is exploring, however, his or her plans and schedule could change drastically from month to month or semester to semester, so you'll want a parenting plan that is flexible.
  • Don't be surprised that your teen would rather spend time with his or her friends than with family. This reality should be factored into your parenting plan. Let your teen spend time with friends.
  • Your teen will probably get busier and busier with friends, jobs, sports and activities the older that he or she gets. Be flexible to your teen's needs in this regard.
  • Your teen will appreciate having control and independence over his or her schedule. Always take into consideration your teen's planning preferences.

Do you want solid advice on how to create a parenting plan for a teenager? A New York family law attorney can guide you through the process of negotiating and solidifying a balanced teenage parenting plan that suits the needs of your family.

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