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What parenting provisions should I include about discipline?

New York parents who are raising their children as single co-parents will not always be able to agree with the other parent about the disciplining of their children. For example, perhaps you believe that your child should be grounded for a week as punishment, but the other parent doesn't agree. This could interfere with your ability to discipline your child, and create the base of a serious disagreement.

In order to reduce the chances of parental disagreements over discipline issues, you may want to include the following parenting provisions -- or something like them -- in your child custody and parenting plan:

  • When the child is staying with a particular parent, that parent will be responsible for discipline. If an important discipline issue arises, the first parent to find out about the issue will notify the other parent as soon as possible to decide on the required response.
  • The parents will not allow a third party to discipline the child via corporal punishment, nor will the parents allow a third party to implement any kind of physical punishment against the child.
  • Disciplinary measures that could interfere with the parenting plan are prohibited. This way both parents' time with the child will be preserved, unless the parents mutually agree to change the parenting schedule in order to facilitate a specific disciplinary course of action.

Are you considering adding a specific parenting provision to your parenting plan? A New York family law attorney can assist you in getting the language right to ensure that your parenting provision is appropriate considering your and your family's goals.

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