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Child support: What are add-on expenses?

In the state of New York, noncustodial parents will be required to pay child support based on specific child support formulas that take into consideration both parents' incomes. In addition, the noncustodial parent needs to pay a portion of various add-on expenses relating to the child.

Add-on expenses include any necessary costs that relate to a child's rearing. These might include:

  • Medical costs: These costs might be for dental visits, doctor visits, medicines, therapies and other expenses.
  • School costs: Does the child need to purchase educational materials or other supplies for school? Are there costs related to private school tuition?
  • Summer camp costs: Summer camp is a fun activity enjoyed by many children, but some summer camps can be very expensive.
  • Extracurricular activities: Perhaps the child plays a sport, enjoys learning an instrument from a music teacher or is learning a special kind of art.
  • Tutoring fees: Your child might need special tutoring to stay up-to-date in school.

The above costs could be considered "add-on expenses" related to raising your child. These costs may be unpredictable and unnecessary. When parents agree to the costs associated with these activities, they will each divide the costs according to their incomes. In other words, the parents will pay a pro-rata, percentage share of costs based on their income levels.

If you're having trouble collecting money from the other parent to pay for add-on expenses related to raising your child, a family law attorney can help you protect your child support rights. Alternatively, if the other parent is inappropriately trying to collect money from you to pay for add-on expenses, a lawyer can provide information on your legal options.

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