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How to ensure the other parent honors custody times respectfully

Divorced parents in New York City must arrive at the scheduled pickup times to get their children for custody exchanges and/or visitations. Failure to show up on time or forgetting to show up at all can be very inconvenient for the parent who is following the schedule.

In order to avoid having your schedule ruined and disappointing your child, divorced parents may want to include the following stipulations in their parenting plans:

  • Child exchanges will take place at the parents' residences or the child's school.
  • Transportation responsibilities will be shared equally by both parents. The parent starting parenting time or visitation is responsible for picking up the child at the other parent's home or at a previously agreed-upon exchange location.
  • Parents may not use third-parties to transport their children unless both parents have agreed it will benefit the child.

Do the above child exchange provisions seem fair to you? These are just a few options that divorcing parents can include in the parenting plans the attorneys draft.

Create a visitation or custody-sharing plan that's tailored to reflect both the children's emotional and financial needs and the parents' ongoing convenience. Parents can draft their own parenting provisions as required during the divorce and process of determining child custody.

The role of our family law attorneys in these type of cases is often to offer support and guidance while ensuring the submitted custody plans are able to withstand the scrutiny of the family law courts. By providing parents with sound advice and direction, our attorneys can streamline a sometimes difficult process for the benefit of all involved.

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