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Postnuptial agreements: How they can help your marriage

Although prenuptial agreements are still somewhat controversial, they're starting to catch on as a practical legal agreement to sign prior to marriage. Postnuptial agreements, on the other hand, are even more controversial. Many couples have never heard of the possibility. However, if your marriage is currently on the rocks, entering into a postnup could be the best way to save your relationship.

Take a look at the following list of issues that a postnup can address. Could you and your spouse benefit from signing a document like this?

  • Jointly and/or individually held property can be codified in a postnup giving couples peace of mind that they will not lose specific pieces of property in a divorce. The same can be achieved with debt.
  • The role of a spouse in a family-owned business can be clarified in a postnuptial.
  • Couples can codify who receives what share of the family income and how the money may be spent.
  • How will the couple dispose of a business if there is a death, a divorce or disability?
  • What are your marital goals for the future? How will you follow through with these goals?
  • Do you plan to pay for your children's private school or university?
  • What is your plan in the case of a spouse becoming disabled? Do you have long-term care insurance?

In many cases, when you're experiencing strained marital relations, it's because the couple has not gotten clear about specific issues. By completing a postnuptial agreement, the couple can renew their commitment to one another with clarity and trust. These documents have saved many New York marriages from falling apart. An attorney can provide more information on postnuptial agreements and how to create one that is enforceable in court.

Source: Huffington Post, "Why a Post-Nuptial Agreement Can Save Your Marriage," Lynn J. Maier, Esq., accessed Sep. 22, 2017

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