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November 2017 Archives

2 example child custody dilemmas

Your children are the most precious possessions you have. That's why the idea that you might not be able to live with them full time can be terrifying during a child custody dispute. It's also why some parents will fight tooth and nail, and not be willing to compromise an inch when it comes to custody questions.

Could a postnuptial agreement save your marriage?

More and more married couples are signing postnuptial agreements. These marital agreements -- which are created during marriage -- are controversial. To some, however, they make a lot of sense. In fact, many couples would argue that, if it weren't for their postnuptial agreement, their marriages would be doomed.

Are you really ready for divorce, or is it just a threat?

No matter which side of a divorce you happen to be on, whether it's your idea or your partner's, when the question of breaking up your marriage is on the table, you need to consider if you're truly ready for such a life-altering course of action. In fact, the idea of divorce might only be a threat, and a hollow one at that.

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