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2 example child custody dilemmas

Your children are the most precious possessions you have. That's why the idea that you might not be able to live with them full time can be terrifying during a child custody dispute. It's also why some parents will fight tooth and nail, and not be willing to compromise an inch when it comes to custody questions.

If you're facing a child custody problem during your divorce, you'll want to consider where you stand before you decide to put up a fight. For example, let's take a look at the following scenarios and how a New York family court judge might decide the issue.

  • A career-oriented father wants shared custody of his kids, but his wife was the one who cared for them full-time: The regular contributions to childrearing made by a parent will weigh heavily in a family court's custody decisions. If one parent was the primary caretaker and the other parent did little to tend to the children's daily needs, there's a good chance that the court will award full custody to the primary caretaker.
  • You and the other parent constantly fight and can never get along, and you want shared custody: Courts are hesitant to award shared custody to parents who can't agree. Numerous decisions will need to be made in unison between two co-parents, and courts worry that constant arguments will make life difficult for the child.

The ultimate factor in any New York child custody decision is the best interests of your child. It's also in the best interests of your child to come to an out-of-court settlement agreement with your ex. If you'd like support in reaching a peaceful resolution like this, a New York child custody lawyer can help.

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