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December 2017 Archives

Talking to kids about divorce: What do psychologists say?

Nobody ever said that talking to your children about your divorce process will be easy, but according to psychologists, you need to consider how you plan to do it carefully. Consider the moment you break the news as if it were a "freeze frame" in your child's mind. It will stay there, possibly for his or her entire life -- so do it the right way.

4 tips for sharing custody with your ex after divorce

More and more New York parents are agreeing to have joint custody child custody arrangements in which the child spends time with both parents equally. These arrangements can work very well, especially for the child, who benefits from spending as much time as possible with both parents. However, they come with some challenges, not the least of which is the fact that your child will essentially have two homes.

Avoiding an unfavorable divorce outcome

When some couples divorce in New York, they do everything they can to put their former partners through the wringer. They argue and resort to using a variety of tactics to cause delays in the process. Even when they no longer want to remain with their soon-to-be ex-spouses, they are not above doing what they can to keep them from moving on with their lives and prolonging the divorce process

What do the current divorce and marriage statistics say?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), works tirelessly to prevent a wide range of calamities, accidents and "bad things in general" from happening to the American public. It does this by analyzing statistics and issuing forth recommendations from experts to monitor the risks of certain bad things happening and lower the chance that these things will happen to you.

Makes sure your postnup will hold up in court

Imagine you're experiencing problems in your marriage. Maybe your spouse was unfaithful to you and now he or she is trying to beg for your forgiveness. When you continue to refuse to drop the matter, your spouse suggests that you sign a postnuptial agreement. According to your spouse, the postnup will serve as a way of renewing your vows. It also offers a promise of fidelity, which if broken will result in you receiving a certain sum of money.

What are the requirements for summary divorce?

The worst part of any divorce proceeding is the legal complexity that's involved. If they're not navigated strategically, divorces can last a long time, they can be costly, and they can be very stressful for the spouses before they are finalized. For this reason, New York couples may want to review different divorce strategies that will speed up the process and make it less expensive.

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