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Avoiding an unfavorable divorce outcome

When some couples divorce in New York, they do everything they can to put their former partners through the wringer. They argue and resort to using a variety of tactics to cause delays in the process. Even when they no longer want to remain with their soon-to-be ex-spouses, they are not above doing what they can to keep them from moving on with their lives and prolonging the divorce process

You may still harbor feelings of anger and guilt about your relationship and why it did not work. The most important thing you can to keep from making things worse is to be kind to yourself and your ex-spouse. If you do not and try to make him or her feel like you feel, you could end up with a hefty divorce bill, as well as an unfavorable settlement and child custody agreement. Here are some things to take into consideration. 

What you think is fair may not be 

You may feel that by giving your partner the marital home, you are being generous. However, you could be creating a financial problem for him or her. For example, if your spouse cannot afford to maintain the home, he or she may feel you are trying to take advantage. It could appear that you are attempting to cheat your spouse out of a more favorable settlement. 

You may need to work together and independently with financial professionals to get a more accurate picture of your current and post-divorce financial situation. Once you know what is on the table, you can play with the numbers and different scenarios to determine where there is room for negotiation. 

Your kids must come first with custody 

It is possible for you to become so caught up in your divorce battle that you stop seeing your children as people, dealing with them as possessions instead. When it comes to custody, the courts will always put their interests above yours. No matter how much fighting goes on between you and their other parent, you must not let it overshadow your kids’ needs and well-being. You and your partner must put your differences aside to create a custody/parenting time agreement that the courts will approve. If you do not, you could end up with an arrangement that you do not like. 

You do not need to act the way you see celebrities and movie stars act on television and in movies to get a favorable outcome for your divorce. To speed up the process, protect your kids’ interests and move on with your life, you should consider strategizing your exit with an attorney.

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