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The start of the New Year brings an unofficial holiday

The first Monday of the year is unofficially known as “Divorce Day.” Historically, divorce filings rise as couples begin initiating the separation and divorce proceedings.

Studies have shown that as many as one out of five couples start considering divorce after holiday festivities come to an end. March and August are peak months for divorce, but the trend starts in January as couples start the process.

Season of reflection

Reasons vary, but the holiday season is considered culturally sacred and many couples avoid filing until afterwards. Perhaps they want to give their marriage one last try or they want to see how a marriage should feel during a time of year meant to be filled with happiness.

During the holidays, couples tend to spend more time together, which can also be a determining factor. It can be easier to ignore martial issues when you do not have to be around one other. No matter how much hustle and bustle may be going on, the holiday season often leads to some internal reflection, a life analysis of sorts. If your analysis isn’t matching the cozy image of warm hearths and happy homes, you may begin to question the future of your marriage.

A last family holiday

One of the most common reasons couples wait to file is their children. Parents worry about starting the divorce proceedings right before the holidays, so they try to give their children one last family holiday season together, even if the parents agreed to separate before the holidays began.

Regardless of the reasons, the trend will begin again this January as couples start the process of ending their marriage.

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