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The 2 categories of child visitation

Imagine you have completed your child custody proceedings in New York family law court and the judge has issued an award of full physical custody to your ex-spouse. This doesn't mean that you won't get to see your kids, but it does mean that your children will live with your ex-spouse full-time. What it also means is that you will probably receive some kind of right to visit with your children.

When it comes to child visitation, there are three categories of child visitation that a New York parent will likely receive:

Unsupervised visitation: The most important kind of visitation that you'll want to have is unsupervised visitation. During unsupervised visits, you will be permitted to spend time with your children without anyone else present, and you'll be free to entertain them and engage in fun and meaningful activities that you deem appropriate. You may have your kids for a half-day, a full day, an entire weekend -- or you might even have them for weeks at a time, especially during the summer months or on holidays.

Supervised visitation: This second variety of visitation is a little more limited. Fathers or mothers might be forced, in some cases, to have a court-approved supervisor present while they spend time with their children. These supervised visits might take place at a specific location, or they could take place in other environments deemed appropriate by the court. Parents who have a history of domestic or sexual abuse, parents who have been convicted of violent crimes or parents with a serious addiction problem might be awarded supervised visits.

Obviously, every parent will want to receive unsupervised visitation rights, and most will receive this. However, if you're at risk of receiving supervised visitation or no visitation rights, you might want to try and fight the matter in court by learning more about New York family law and about your legal rights.

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