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February 2018 Archives

What should I include in my prenuptial agreement?

Your prenuptial agreement will serve as an action plan in the event that divorce is necessary. Essentially, you will have agreed to and planned out many of the most difficult elements of your divorce already, and those guidelines can then be followed to quickly and cost-effectively to bring your marriage to a close. Although prenups remain somewhat controversial, the utility of the documents is clear, and arguably they should be incorporated into every marriage process.

Avoid these financial mistakes during divorce

There are numerous things that divorcing spouses commonly do wrong, and these mistakes can cost them tens of thousands of dollars during their divorce proceedings. Don't let these negative consequences happen to you. Stay on top of the most important financial details pertaining to the dissolution of your marriage by avoiding the following financial mistakes:

Tips for talking with children about divorce

Every parent gets divorced for different reasons. Nevertheless, for every parent, it will be a difficult and heart-breaking process to talk to his or her children about the fact that mommy and daddy have decided to call it quits. In the advice that follows, you might find some tips and ideas that could help you talk with your children about your decision to divorce.

4 ways higher earners can improve their divorce outcomes

Many higher-earning spouses in New York do not realize the amount of control they have over their divorces. Some of them believe because they spend so much of their time away from home running their businesses, the courts would determine that they should not have a favorable custody and property settlement agreements. 

What is an alimony trust?

An alimony trust is a solution for those who need to pay alimony as a part of their divorce proceedings, but don't want to liquidate investments in order to create a cash payout. As per the terms of an alimony trust, the paying spouse will move assets and investments into a special trust designed to benefit the recipient spouse. The trust will generate income, which is then paid out to the spousal beneficiary.

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