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Ask these questions before you begin your divorce

Everyone debates whether or not they should get a divorce. In fact, most spouses spend far more time than they should consider whether or not it's time to move forward with their divorce plans.

However, spouses who are currently on the fence about divorce can gain clarity by asking themselves the following questions:

Have you been clear with your spouse about your issues with the marriage?

Sometimes spouses don't talk enough, and they don't have a "let's get real" kind of conversation with their spouse. As such, problems that they might be able to resolve with a heart-to-heart discussion never get resolved. Makes sure that you've been honest with your spouse about how you're feeling. At the very least, this kind of a talk will help you gain the necessary clarity that it's time to end the marriage.

Is there are anything that you or your spouse could do to save the marriage?

This might involve a change in behavior, a change in spending habits, a change in perspective or it might involve going to marriage counseling. If something could potentially save your marriage, make sure that you've either tried it or ruled it out as a possibility.

What will life be like without your partner?

If you get a divorce, you will soon be living life without your partner. This will change your financial and budgetary concerns. It will also change your sense of being with and around another person. If you're a parent, you may be required to care for your kids alone or for extended periods of time alone. Be sure that you understand all of this before moving forward with your divorce.

There are many other questions you might want to ask before you get a divorce, but these three will certainly help you consider your options and gain a sense for whether it's time to begin the legal process of dissolving your marriage.

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