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Tips for talking with children about divorce

Every parent gets divorced for different reasons. Nevertheless, for every parent, it will be a difficult and heart-breaking process to talk to his or her children about the fact that mommy and daddy have decided to call it quits. In the advice that follows, you might find some tips and ideas that could help you talk with your children about your decision to divorce.

Give your children space to have a good relationship with the other parent. Help your children know that their relationships with mom and dad are separate and private. Don't pry into all the events of the time spent with the other parent. If children have something that they want to talk about, they will bring it up. Let them have the privacy of a secure relationship with both parents.

Explain that you had many happy memories while married. Make sure your parents understand that you got married and had children out of love, and that you experienced great joy and many happy memories during your marriage. It's just that things changed and mommy and daddy grew apart. It's important that your kids know that many marriages never come to an end, and that just because a marriage results in divorce, it does not mean that the two people don't continue to respect one another.

Parents who are getting divorced can additionally help their children feel as secure as possible by negotiating a swift and respectful divorce agreement - without litigation. Fortunately, parents will have multiple pathways and options available that can help them part ways quickly and peacefully like this.

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