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How do prenuptial agreements help?

If you're in the brink of getting married, you're probably so full of love and excitement for your spouse that the last thing you want to think about is the remote possibility of divorce in the future. However, the reality of marriage in the modern world includes the chance that your love union will not endure until death do us part. For this reason, the most responsible soon-to-be newlyweds are choosing to sign prenuptial agreements.

Let's take a look at two uncommon benefits of such a document, even if you're not wealthy and don't have any real assets to protect:

1. Prenups help people with debt problems get married

Prenuptial agreements can help people who are in debt trouble to actually get married. When a person is underwater with a large amount of debt, a prospective marriage partner might be worried about tying the knot due to the risk of assuming part of his or her partner's debt problems. A prenuptial agreement can guard a partner against assuming the other person's debt and make marriage possible.

2. Prenups help you get clear about your marriage requirements

The process of creating and signing a prenup involves detailed discussions about one's expectations for marriage. They also involve getting clear about financial concerns and how your marriage will be dissolved in the event of a divorce. All of these things are excellent to establish upfront before marriage, and it can also help your marriage to endure.

Are you considering a prenuptial agreement?

If you're considering the idea of a prenuptial agreement, you shouldn't be ashamed. It could be one the most grown-up and responsible things you do prior to tying the knot. Just be sure that you fully understand state family laws that apply to your premarital agreement so that your document is legally valid, treats both sides fairly and will hold up if it's ever challenged in court.

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