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How to ensure good communication with your co-parent

Being a co-parent and sharing your child 50-50 with the other parent isn't going to be a walk in the park. However, there are a few things you can do while going through the divorce settlement process to make your life as a single parent a great deal easier - such as being strategic when it comes to the parenting provisions you draft for your child custody and parenting plan agreements.

Within the parenting plan, for example, parents should address different issues - such as the way they will communicate about important matters relating to their children. Here are some excellent provisions to include regarding parent-to-parent communication:

  • Communication about schooling and other activities: What are the dress codes, health concerns, behavioral issues, weekly schedules and other important details regarding school? What about important information concerning extracurricular activities?
  • Methods of communication: Will parents restrict themselves only to certain types of communication, such as text messages, letters, emails, home phones, work phones or mobile phones? Or, will all avenues of communication remain open to facilitate the easy of passing information back and forth?
  • Keeping a logbook: Parents might agree to keep a logbook pertaining to their children, which they pass between the homes with their children. In the book, they can include personal comments, information about activity schedules, health, education and other important matters.

When it comes to creating excellent parenting provisions, experience is key. The more you learn about common parenting provisions and how they can make your life easier, the better you'll do when it comes to drafting and preparing your parenting plan.

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