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April 2018 Archives

Are you and your spouse in a 'pursuer-distancer' pattern?

Marriages fail for an unlimited number of reasons. Perhaps two spouses were constantly fighting about their religious or political differences, they disagreed on how they should raise their children or one spouse cheated on the other spouse. There are other reasons as well, such as the "pursuer-distancer" pattern, which can be devastating for all relationships.

How can I help my children during my divorce?

Everyone handles divorce differently, but for most people, breaking up with a spouse is an emotional and difficult time of transition. It's important if you're a parent to not allow the difficulty of the experience - no matter how emotional or contentious it happens to be - to interfere with your ability to support your children through the divorce.

2 key financial considerations you should not overlook

One of the first concerns couples have when divorce becomes a certainty is money. Divorces often bring about feelings of uncertainty, greed and contempt for many New York couples, especially when financial issues concerns aboutĀ child support and the distribution of marital assets are factored in. If you are currently thinking about filing for divorce, you might want to take measures to prepare financially first.

How do you spend parenting time with a preschooler?

If you're like most newly-single, noncustodial parents with visitation rights, you might not know the best way to spend your precious visitation time with your toddler. However, there are a lot of fun ideas you and your young child can enjoy together. What follows are two simple ideas that will help you make the most of this time. Can you think of more ideas off the top of your head?

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