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How do you spend parenting time with a preschooler?

If you're like most newly-single, noncustodial parents with visitation rights, you might not know the best way to spend your precious visitation time with your toddler. However, there are a lot of fun ideas you and your young child can enjoy together. What follows are two simple ideas that will help you make the most of this time. Can you think of more ideas off the top of your head?

Tracing letters and drawing: It might sound simple to the average adult, but for a 3-year-old boy or girl, tracing letters and tracing simple drawings with mom or dad can be a joy. Three-year-olds love drawing anything, and the more color the better. They enjoy drawing circle people, stick people, silly faces and more. You can also get educational by teaching them the letters of the alphabet - and even show them how to turn simple letters into different people, objects and animals.

A puzzle is a great way to pass the time: Children love puzzles and it helps them build their motor skills while giving a fun activity that you and your child can enjoy while talking with one another. Make sure that the puzzles you choose have big enough pieces and they're thick enough for your child's little hands to grab hold of.

These are just two of the infinite ways you can spend time with your preschool-aged child during the days you have visitation rights. What's important to remember is that getting visitation rights is the most vital part of this equation. Once you're legally able to have time with your kids, then you can start getting creative about the different ways to enjoy this time.

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