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May 2018 Archives

Is there a healthier way of looking at marriage and divorce?

If you're contemplating divorce, or currently in the middle of your divorce proceedings, chances are that you and your ex entered into your marriage with the best of intentions. To put it more simply: Neither of you did anything wrong in getting married, and more importantly, you haven't "failed" or experienced anything "shameful" by virtue of the fact that you're getting a divorce.

Parenting plan arrangements that match your child's needs

It's only natural to want to spend as much time as possible as possible with your child. Also, given the fact that family psychologists tend to agree that children benefit from spending as much time with both parents as possible, we can understand why 50-50 custody plans have risen to the forefront of popularity. Nevertheless, parents are well-served to review their unique situations to evaluate whether this co-parenting arrangement is right for them and their family's needs.

3 ways to manage emotions during divorce

Any major life change can trigger negative emotions and even depression. This is certainly true when it comes to divorce. In addition to the major shifts that a divorce will cause, you are losing a partner you have likely spent years of your life with. It is vital that you prioritize yourself during this time and take steps to actively care for your own emotions. Doing so will make the process of divorce much easier.

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