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3 ways to manage emotions during divorce

Any major life change can trigger negative emotions and even depression. This is certainly true when it comes to divorce. In addition to the major shifts that a divorce will cause, you are losing a partner you have likely spent years of your life with. It is vital that you prioritize yourself during this time and take steps to actively care for your own emotions. Doing so will make the process of divorce much easier.

Managing emotions is even more essential if you have children. They, too, will be going through major stress as these changes take place, so you need to be strong for your kids. Take the following three tips for the benefits of your children or simply for your own sake. Do not make divorce more difficult than it is.


Self-care is easily overlooked—especially when there are pressing matters such as a divorce on your mind. It is imperative, though, that you take time to care for yourself even in stressful moments. According to Huffington Post, activities such as group functions and exercise can substantially alleviate negative emotions and help you get into a more peaceful mindset. 


In some circumstances, seeking therapy is a wise decision. Getting help from a professional is often helpful, and therapy can equip you with healthy coping mechanisms as well as an appropriate outlet for your feelings. Even if you have never sought counseling before, divorce is a good time to try it and discover how helpful it can be to discuss your issues with a professional.


Divorce can make you feel alone, but you should use this time to reestablish relationships and take advantage of the support group you have. Friends and family are likely reaching out, and you should not shy away from any offers of support that they extend. Lean on your loved ones when you need to, and connect with them so you do not become isolated.

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