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Parenting plan arrangements that match your child's needs

It's only natural to want to spend as much time as possible as possible with your child. Also, given the fact that family psychologists tend to agree that children benefit from spending as much time with both parents as possible, we can understand why 50-50 custody plans have risen to the forefront of popularity. Nevertheless, parents are well-served to review their unique situations to evaluate whether this co-parenting arrangement is right for them and their family's needs.

Remember the following when evaluating whether a 50-50 custody plan is right for you:

Your ex-spouse and you will need to frequently communicate and decide important matters

The frequency of communication between spouses in a 50-50 custody plan is important to remember. You'll need to coordinate with your ex on a regular basis to decide on pickup times and make minor scheduling adjustments. If you and your spouse don't get along, this could add a lot of stress into your life.

Do you live near one another?

You and your ex will need to live close enough together for the duration of your child's childhood to ensure that exchanges are convenient.

Does your child cope well with this living schedule?

Since your child will essentially have two homes, parents will want to consider if their particular child does well with such an arrangement. It's not always the case that children can emotionally and psychologically adjust to the reality of having two different homes.

Are you ready to set up your custody plan in a way that helps you and your family have the happiest life possible? Review your options and understand your needs and your child's needs, and you're sure to find a successful solution.

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