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June 2018 Archives

3 tips for a long-distance parenting plan

Not all separated parents live close to one another. A sick parent, a job or some other important reason could result in the parents living on opposite sides of the country. This means that the children will usually live full-time with one parent while enjoying extended time with the other parent during holidays, like spring break, summer break, winter break and certain three-day weekends throughout the year.

Who's the primary caretaker of your child?

The question of who is the primary caretaker of your child is essential to family law court decisions pertaining to child custody. If the parents cannot agree on who will receive physical custody of the children -- or how they will split physical custody between one another -- the court will want to determine which parent served as the primary caretaker so it can give preference to that parent's wishes in its decision-making.

Let's talk divorce: 1 thing to remember when having 'the talk'

If there's one thing we avoid the most as human beings in our interpersonal relationships, it's the truth. Many spouses avoid the elephant in the room -- the fact that their marriage needs to end -- for years before they finally muster up the courage to have ''the divorce talk.'' Obviously, the sooner you can have this talk, the sooner you can move on to the next stage of your happier life, but when you do finally decide to break the news with your spouse, there's one vital thing you need to remember.

Gray divorce is taking a toll on the finances of women

Divorce rates for people over the age of 50 have doubled since the 1990s. This could be the result of changing perceptions about the supposed permanence of marriage among the baby boomer generation. It could simply be another sign of the times. Regardless of the reason why spouses choose to go their separate ways -- and every couple has its own reasons for divorcing -- evidence suggests that over-50 divorces are taking a toll on the finances of the women involved in particular.

Improve your divorce results by avoiding these 3 mistakes

It's hard enough to make the difficult decision to move forward with a divorce. Then, once you've made that decision, you need to manage and navigate your divorce in the right way if you hope to end your marriage peacefully and cost-effectively while protecting your parental and property division rights. With this in mind, here are few mistakes you'll want to avoid when navigating your divorce process:

How family law courts decide a child custody dispute

Child custody courts will deliberate over many different factors when considering how to decide a child custody disagreement, but one factor will always reign supreme with a state family court judge. The best interests of your child will always be the most important consideration.

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