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Has sexual incompatibility led to your marital breakdown?

Most couples get together and stay together because they have a sense of compatibility that goes beyond just sexual chemistry. However, if you're like most spouses, sexual chemistry probably played a big part in you getting together in the first place, so what happens when the sexual chemistry runs dry? Is it time to call the marriage quits or can you work through this difficulty?

Anyone who has been married for some time - or at least most people who have been married for a while - understand that marriage doesn't involve constant sexual contact. Many married spouses discover that their sexual desires wane and they have much less sexual contact after they get married than they had when they were dating. This is normal, but sometimes it can become a problem.

When one spouse doesn't feel sexually fulfilled in the relationship - perhaps because the spouses have different sexual needs and desires - it could be enough to bring the marriage to a close. In some cases, spouses may benefit from removing communication and trust barriers by working with a family counselor or relationship therapist. This isn't possible in every situation if there is an authentic incompatibility that's getting in the way of intimacy.

If you've come to the difficult decision to bring your marriage to a close due to problems related to intimacy, you're not alone. As you move forward with your divorce process, however, it's important to set any feelings of hurt aside so that you can be as objective as possible during the process. This will help you navigate a peaceful resolution to your divorce without the need for more costly, drawn-out legal proceedings.

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