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How to keep a legal record of your parenting contribution

Taking care of a tiny baby is no small task, and your parenting responsibilities don't stop as your child grows older; they simply evolve. You have to prepare your children for school, make breakfast, lunch and dinner, transport your child to various activities before and after your work, attend sporting events, take your child out for entertainment, read bedtime stories and so much more. It's a miracle that any parent can do all these things, but that's what you do every day of the week.

The question is: Have you ever considered keeping a journal of everything you do for your kids? If not, no matter your marital situation, you might want to consider doing it for legal purposes. Think of your child care journal as a parental insurance policy. It could serve as a valuable piece of evidence if your parenting contribution is ever challenged in a child custody lawsuit.

To create the best parenting journal possible, here are some of the most vital facts you should record each day in your diary:

What did you do for your children today?

List every activity you performed for your child. This includes tasks related to maintaining your child's house and home, keeping your children groomed and fed, taking them to school and more.

What did you do with your children today?

Note any activities you did with your children, including chores and fun activities.

What did you observe in your children today?

Was there anything in particular that you remembered or enjoyed concerning your children, or anything related to their behavior or mood that could be useful to make a note of?

Your child care journal could serve as a valuable part of the equation when seeking to obtain or maintain child custody in a family court dispute. However, it's not the only piece of the puzzle. Visit our legal website to learn more about child custody lawsuits in New York.

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