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We must share and share alike in marriage: Did your spouse cheat?

The idea that spouses share everything with one another and don't have any secrets is a beautiful concept. Indeed, you should expect no less in a healthy marriage. However, if your marriage is ending in divorce, you probably didn't have the healthiest of marital unions. It may have been downright toxic, involved extra-marital affairs and your spouse might have even lied to you. Considering how bad some marriages can be, it shouldn't be a surprise that hiding marital assets in a divorce is - although illegal - exceedingly common.

Spouses who believe that their husbands or wives have been dishonestly hiding assets from them during divorce proceedings need to get to the bottom of the mystery as soon as possible. Here are two ways that spouses track down hidden money:

Use a fine-toothed come to analyze your spouse's disclosures

You probably have a good idea of the money and assets you have in bank accounts and investment accounts and what kind of property you and your spouse own. If you notice anything amiss in your spouse's voluntary asset disclosures, look deeper into it immediately.

Get strategic with involuntary disclosures

You can demand specific financial information and documents during the discovery phase of your divorce. You can also ask for answers to specific questions. Getting strategic with your discovery demands will help you track down any assets your spouse is attempting to hide. You may also want to subject your spouse to pointed deposition questions, which he or she must answer under oath.

Many spouses get the wool pulled right out from under their noses during the divorce asset division process and they're never the wiser. Take any suspicions of hidden assets in your divorce seriously, and don't let up until your satisfied that you've gotten to the truth.

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