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September 2018 Archives

Do you need a post-divorce modification?

A "post-divorce modification" sounds like some kind of a plastic surgery procedure. Perhaps in some ways it is not that different from an operation, but the thing you're trying to change isn't your body -- it's your divorce decree. Numerous spouses find that the terms and conditions of the divorce agreements or their child custody agreements are unlawful, not based on the truth of their current situation or simply impractical. In some of these cases, it might be possible to alter the divorce decree after the fact.

2 reasons for divorce: Unequal contribution and lack of intimacy

There are so many reasons why divorces happen that it's enough to make your head spin - especially when you're trying to sort through the puzzle pieces of a failed relationship that didn't involve an obvious problem like infidelity, abuse or drug addiction. Still, it's human nature to "figure out" what led to our divorces.

Who is an 80-20 parenting time plan good for?

Perhaps the most difficult thing about child custody proceedings is the realization that your children are not going to be living with you full-time anymore. You'll have to give up your kids on certain days so they can spend with their other parent, and in some cases, you might have to give up your kids for most of the time. If you're certain that your children are best served by having one permanent home and living with you, or the other spouse, most of the time - the 80-20 parenting schedule might be good for you and your family.

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