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2 reasons for divorce: Unequal contribution and lack of intimacy

There are so many reasons why divorces happen that it's enough to make your head spin - especially when you're trying to sort through the puzzle pieces of a failed relationship that didn't involve an obvious problem like infidelity, abuse or drug addiction. Still, it's human nature to "figure out" what led to our divorces.

With this in mind, here are two reasons for divorce that may not be entirely obvious: an unequal contribution in the relationship and a lack of intimacy.

1.) Unequal contribution in the relationship

An unequal relationship could involve one partner who feels like he or she is carrying more weight. Perhaps one spouse prepares the kids for school, makes their lunches, drives them to school, picks, them up from school, handles every aspect of childcare, keeps the house clean - and holds down a job. Meanwhile, the other spouse enjoys a simpler life and only needs to worry about waking up and going to work each day. This is a clear example of an unequal relationship that may bread discontent, resentment and hostility.

Fortunately, if you're the spouse who's fed up with pulling all of the weight for your children, you will probably have the advantage when it comes to child custody proceedings as the court will view you as the primary caretaker.

2.) Lack of intimacy

Two individuals come together in marriage to enjoy intimate relations - sexually, intellectually and emotionally. However, when this intimacy is lost - and it doesn't only have to do with sex - the couples can grow apart and lose their love for one another, ultimately feeling like they're just "roommates." This loss of intimacy could be grounds for divorce, or it could lead one spouse to seek love and intimacy in other places.

Are you ready to divorce?

No two relationships and no two divorces are ever the same. There are over 7 billion and counting personality types in the world and every time two of these personalities come together, the end result is different. If your end result involves divorce, don't blame yourself. Step up to the plate and try to divorce respectfully, peacefully and in a way that protects your financial and child custody rights.

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