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Who is an 80-20 parenting time plan good for?

Perhaps the most difficult thing about child custody proceedings is the realization that your children are not going to be living with you full-time anymore. You'll have to give up your kids on certain days so they can spend with their other parent, and in some cases, you might have to give up your kids for most of the time. If you're certain that your children are best served by having one permanent home and living with you, or the other spouse, most of the time - the 80-20 parenting schedule might be good for you and your family.

If the majority of the following list is true for you and your spouse, then the 80-20 plan might be appropriate for your needs:

  • Your child is happier living in one home instead of dividing his or her time between two residences
  • Parents live a long distance from one another and child exchanges are inconvenient or time-consuming
  • One parent has always served as the primary caretaker for the child
  • One parent frequently travels or has a busier than usual or strange work schedule
  • The parents both agree that an 80-20 schedule is best for their children

One way to help balance out the fact that the 80-20 schedule offers one parent more time with the children is to give the noncustodial parent more time during holidays and summer breaks. For example, perhaps the children spend an entire month with the other parent during the summer months. This can be a great opportunity for the children to bond with the other parent.

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