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October 2018 Archives

When should parents avoid joint physical custody?

Joint physical custody is more popular than ever, and countless children are currently dividing their time between two homes. However, joint physical custody -- in which the children spend half the time living with Parent A and half the time living with Parent B -- is not always the most ideal circumstance for the parents or the child.

How does the every extended weekend child custody schedule work?

There are innumerable ways by which parents can divide their child custody time. Some parents opt for a schedule known as the "every extended weekend plan." This plan may not be appropriate for all parents because it allows one parent to always have the children on the weekends with a little bit of extra time added to the beginning and end of each weekend.

How children can benefit from joint-custody arrangements

As someone currently navigating your way through a separation or divorce, you may be experiencing considerable upheaval in your life as you adjust to new living arrangements, parenting routines and so on. For many parents going through a divorce, one of the hardest parts involves learning to adapt to new custody arrangements, and this may prove particularly true for parents who find their current custody arrangement lacking.

Child support terms you should know

Every legal matter comes with its own set of jargon and terminology, and child support cases are no different. If you want to stay on top of the game when it comes to a child support-related dispute, the more you know about the applicable legal terms, the better off you'll be. To get you started on the right track, let's take a quick review of a few of the most basic child support terms you should familiarize yourself with.

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