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2 key financial considerations you should not overlook

One of the first concerns couples have when divorce becomes a certainty is money. Divorces often bring about feelings of uncertainty, greed and contempt for many New York couples, especially when financial issues concerns about child support and the distribution of marital assets are factored in. If you are currently thinking about filing for divorce, you might want to take measures to prepare financially first.

4 ways higher earners can improve their divorce outcomes

Many higher-earning spouses in New York do not realize the amount of control they have over their divorces. Some of them believe because they spend so much of their time away from home running their businesses, the courts would determine that they should not have a favorable custody and property settlement agreements. 

Tips for successful visits with noncustodial children

As a noncustodial parent who only gets to spend time with your children here and there, you probably want to do everything you can to ensure your time together, though limited, is positive, fulfilling and worthwhile. You child may not live with you the majority of the time, but that does not mean the two of you cannot have a close relationship, and the time you do spend together presents a great opportunity to strengthen it.

Avoiding an unfavorable divorce outcome

When some couples divorce in New York, they do everything they can to put their former partners through the wringer. They argue and resort to using a variety of tactics to cause delays in the process. Even when they no longer want to remain with their soon-to-be ex-spouses, they are not above doing what they can to keep them from moving on with their lives and prolonging the divorce process

Advice For Divorcing Parents This Holiday Season

From carving pumpkins and turkeys to baking cookies and attending school programs; even under normal circumstances, holidays tend to be a hectic time. For parents of young children who are going through a divorce, this holiday season is likely to be especially stressful as both they and their children navigate and adjust to numerous life changes.

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