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How can I help my children during my divorce?

Everyone handles divorce differently, but for most people, breaking up with a spouse is an emotional and difficult time of transition. It's important if you're a parent to not allow the difficulty of the experience - no matter how emotional or contentious it happens to be - to interfere with your ability to support your children through the divorce.

Avoid these financial mistakes during divorce

There are numerous things that divorcing spouses commonly do wrong, and these mistakes can cost them tens of thousands of dollars during their divorce proceedings. Don't let these negative consequences happen to you. Stay on top of the most important financial details pertaining to the dissolution of your marriage by avoiding the following financial mistakes:

What should I definitely do in my divorce?

When it comes to divorcing from your spouse in New York, there are a few things that you should definitely do. Failing to do these things could result in a longer, more expensive and more psychologically destructive divorce process. Since numerous spouses make the fatal mistake of not doing these things -- and suffer the consequences -- be sure to look over this list to ensure you're either already doing them, or will plan to do them once your divorce is underway.

Talking to kids about divorce: What do psychologists say?

Nobody ever said that talking to your children about your divorce process will be easy, but according to psychologists, you need to consider how you plan to do it carefully. Consider the moment you break the news as if it were a "freeze frame" in your child's mind. It will stay there, possibly for his or her entire life -- so do it the right way.

What do the current divorce and marriage statistics say?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), works tirelessly to prevent a wide range of calamities, accidents and "bad things in general" from happening to the American public. It does this by analyzing statistics and issuing forth recommendations from experts to monitor the risks of certain bad things happening and lower the chance that these things will happen to you.

What are the requirements for summary divorce?

The worst part of any divorce proceeding is the legal complexity that's involved. If they're not navigated strategically, divorces can last a long time, they can be costly, and they can be very stressful for the spouses before they are finalized. For this reason, New York couples may want to review different divorce strategies that will speed up the process and make it less expensive.

Are you really ready for divorce, or is it just a threat?

No matter which side of a divorce you happen to be on, whether it's your idea or your partner's, when the question of breaking up your marriage is on the table, you need to consider if you're truly ready for such a life-altering course of action. In fact, the idea of divorce might only be a threat, and a hollow one at that.

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